Smaller and Smarter
Miniature in size, Powerful in function.Not only measures your weight, but also tracks other 9 body statistics.

10 body statistics,all at once.

Monitor your weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Body Water and BMR by the technology of BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis)
  • Weight

    YUNMAI keeps record of your weight every day. You can see your whole Transformation process...

  • BMI

    aka Body Mass Index, used as an indicator of the degree of obesity, is commonly used internationally. YUNMAI uses the standard that is most suitable for Europeans and Americans.

  • Body Fat

    Subcutaneous adipose tissue stored in human body. YUNMAI detects the human body fat radio using its BIA bio-electrical impedance. In this way, you can see the changes of fat radio in a more straightforward way during your weight loss journey.

  • Muscle

    Muscles with a large proportion of muscle fibers are called “lean meat”. However, muscles are not necessarily all “lean meat” because muscles with a lot of fat are not called “lean meat”. YUNMAI will provide the best dieting and workout plan for you according to your muscle ratio.

  • Bone Mass

    The weight of the bone tissues in body composition when YUNMAI senses decrease of the bone mass(decrease in bone density), it will timely provide corresponding diet plan for you to adjust.

  • Water

    According to the report of biologists, body water takes up about 60%-70% of the whole body of an adult. Use YUNMAI to regularly measure the change of body water, and keep yourself hydrated sufficient water will promote metabolism.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

    BMR is the minimal rate of energy expenditure per unit time by humans. YUNMAI will develop the best workout plan for you according to your BMR so that you can lose weight in a fast and health way.

  • Body Age

    Body age is your physical condition reflected from various indexes of your body, YUNMAI will provide the best workout and dieting plan for you according to the stats, transforming your body back to its peak.

  • Visceral Fat

    Unlike the subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is one of the human body fat, it is around human viscera and mainly exists in the abdominal cavity, A certain amount of visceral fat is essential, as it’s play the role to supporting, stability and protection role for human viscera.

  • Protein

    Protein is an important part of body cell and tissues of the human body. The percentage of protein in total body weight is around 18%. Protein is the material basis of life and the organic macro-molecules.

Smaller and
more powerful

YUNMAI mini integrates all the extraordinary functions of YUNMAI Scales in its delicate body, with its substantial structure being redesigned to be smaller and lighter. Weight Unit Product Size kg/lb 260 x 260 x 19mm

Quicker Connection,
Better Performance

YUNMAI mini uses BT4.0 chip of Texas Instruments to achieve connection of less than 1.9s, and the usage of MCU of Instruments ensures more stabilized system and lower power consumption. Color option

Ultra Battery Endurance

YUNMAI mini uses power control chip of Texas Instruments to make it possible to sustain power for about 200 days with 4 standard AAA batteries.

More sturdy hardware composition

24 bit AD conversion chip attributes to 16 million pixel resolution and 99.99% accuracy in body statistics measurement.

Learn more about Design

LED White Light Display

Power sustainability
increased by 40%

Industrial Chip

Accuracy 100%

New construction, perhaps a work of art

YUNMAI mini chooses Eco-friendly, organic polymer material and steel-framed hybrid structure to ensure more sturdy body frame. It is not simply the exterior that is differentiated with traditional scales, but all the other traits are renewed from top to bottom. Learn more about Design

Unprecedented Precision

YUNMAI Mini redefinites your scale. 4 high-precision pressure sensors and new designed structure makes it highly precise. Learn more about Design

Smart recognition technology,
Get everyone involved

Everyone in your home has individual and unique health goals. YUNMAI mini provides 16 user profiles to personalize your health experience. You can also create a Guest Mode to share your health experience with friends.

YUMMAI App, Your Health Management Expert

YUNMAI App records and tracks real-time data of 10 body metrics and provides health reports and improving recommendations after calculating and analyzing on the Cloud. Learn more about App

Innovations from top to bottom

3.3-inch LED display and renovated frame design, together with Aluminum electrodes and BIA chip, make YUNMAI mini a high-precision scale for weight and other body statistics. Learn more about Design