High-precision Sensor, Smart Weight Sync, Ultra-white Tempered Glass,
Where Beauty & Accuracy Meet
At a glance, but never forget
Simple and intuitive exterior is always what YUNMAI insists on, so SE turns out to be a simple and nice looking glass made by 5-layer printing and 22 processes,
making you love it at first sight.
High Accuracy, From good Structure
To achieve simplicity , the structure of SE is redesigned to 2.6 cm in height and 1.2kg in weight, under the precondition of strong enough.
Use simple aesthetics to show weight better
YUNMAI SE replaces the traditional screen with a concealed LED display with delicate and comfortable light that never hurt your eyes in any environment.
Bluetooth Connection
Connect in 1.9S! How fast!
Connected to the phone, your body data will be managed on the App. The connection can be finished with a speed faster than 1.9S with TI low-power Bluetooth 4.0 chip and
more powerful hardware.
Won't miss any change!
With the four high-precision weighing sensor, all small changes of your weight can be detected and reported, bring the energy to change and move forward.
It's more than recording!
Easy life, lighter! YUNMAI App not only records your weight changes but also helps to analyze on the Health Data Cloud and provides health reports and improving recommendations.
More excitement to be continued
YUNMAI Data Cloud
YUNMAI Cloud stores the data of millions of body models, so it can recognize and analyze your health level and provide improvement advice without worrying about privacy disclosure.
YUNMAI SE can be shared by up to 16 members, store respective user profiles and even recognize who you are when you stand on.
Ultra-white Tempered Glass, Creamy Sleek Surface