Wireless Syncs by WiFi, USB Type-C Charging Interface,
New Measurement Technology, More Innovations
This is the future we define. Upgraded wireless sync by WiFi, sleek and thinner design and
innovated human interaction make every changes of your body tracked. 3000mAh high-capacity
battery with USB Type-C quick charging interface also attributes to its fascinating features.

Bluetooth 4.0

By using TI CC2541 low-power Bluetooth chip, YUNMAI 2 ensures safer and faster data transfer speed with excellent compatibility.

Wireless sync by WiFi

Equipped with TI (Texas Instruments) CC3200 WiFi chip to connect to YUNMAI Cloud, providing you fabulous using experience.

10 Body Statistics

Precisely measures Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Water, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMR, BMI, Protein, Body Age.
Design Video
More Innovations
Design of YUNMAI 2 excels any previous scale of YUNMAI.
The combination of concealed LED display and conductive
ITO coating with the whole and perfect glass surface,
making it look like a natural gadget.

Concealed LED Display

High Quality ITO Coating

WiFi Connection
Simple Connection ,
Rapid Synchronization.
To improve speed, YUNMAI 2 adopts “Smart Connect”
technology and WiFi chip, which not only simplify the
components but save data on YUNMAI Health Data Cloud
while it is showed in your hands.

Data Sync

1.8 times sensitivity
than PCB antenna

Concealed LED Display
More than Extraordinary
YUNMAI 2 deserts traditional display screen by using 1136 concealed LED,
bringing fantastic and delicate visual effect. This outstanding design can not
only better show your weight and body fat, but also “Say Hello”to users smartly.


1136 white light LED


concealed screen

Power System
Rechargable battery,Type-C interface
YUNMAI 2 uses build-in 3000mAh Li-polymer battery which has a long endurance of up
to 200 days. Besides, it is equipped with a double-sided USB Type-C charging port,
enable users to use it much more easily.

3000mAh Capacity


200 Days’ Endurance

Ceramic Coating
No leakage

Conductive ITO coating
Contributes to the conductive ITO coating, YUNMAI 2 collaborates the tempered glass
used in vehicles and the BIA chip to finish the measuring process. Compared to the
previous alloy electrode, it is much more sensitive and beautiful.
Cardan Shaft Footstand
More than Accuracy
YUNMAI 2 is our first scale to install the cardan shaft footstand,
allowing users to use it on any kind of floor and get accuracy results.

footstand rotation range

Wake Up! YUNMAI Alarm
YUNMAI 2 provides you a new choose of alarm clock with six melodies.
Once set, you need to finish a measurement to turn it off.
New way to wake up, right?
Great, goal achieved!
YUNMAI 2 can sense the subtle changes of your body, meaning once there
is up or down in your weight, it will inform you through the display screen.
Once your goal is achieved, you will be encouraged by its expression.
Good day to run!
Weather really counts a lot when you decide if to exercise outside.
Therefore, YUNMAI 2 develops real-time weather report by locating your
place when your step on it and notify the whether after the measurement.
Battery Power Monitor
Along with the high capacity battery, YUNMAI 2 also shows
the real-time battery power to remind you when to charge it.
Biological detection
New Body Fat Detect Mode
With BIA chip and biological resistance measurement
method together with YUNMAI Health Data Cloud,
every measurement is compared and analyzed among
the database of YUNMAI to achieve a more precise
result than any time before.

Body Fat detection


Big Data

Cell diagram of Low frequency current flowing
Cell diagram of High frequency current flowing
According to the resistance differences of diverse cells to current with different frequencies, YUNMAI 2 uses multiple alternating current to test the
resistance of tissues, low frequency (less than 10kHz) to cell sap, and high frequency (50kHz) to cell nucleus, consequently measure the body stats accurately.
The most incredible one!
WiFi chip of TI (Texas Instrument Inc.), ARM Cortex-M4 core, and build-in
encryption engine ensure data safety and connection speed of as low as 95
milliseconds. Furthermore, YUNMAI 2 with CC2541 bluetooth chip and
HTI45F75 Fat detecting chip, is a real collection of high technology.

Together, to enjoy the magic!
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Android Phone
Android4.3 system or above
Bluetooth 4.0 supported
iOS8.0 system or above
iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 6 / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus
iPod touch
Excellent, but more than that

YUNMAI Data Cloud

All user data is stored in YUNMAI Data Cloud to analyze individual body condition and give healthy suggestions. This system is also safe enough for your information.

Multiple Users

YUNMAI 2 supports up to 16 users so that your family and friends can share it. It can even recognize each one once used it according to the stored data information.
Five colors for choose
YUNMAI 2 has five different colors to choose from: Silver, Pink,
Rose Gold, Blue and Black, each fitting harmoniously into your
living rooms and bedrooms.