Yunmai Health App

A complete health tracking system that empowers your fitness journey. Your 10 body measurements are displayed as a single graph to showcase trends over several periods of time.


( v 2.1.0 )


( v 2.1.0 )

Comprehensive Graphing

Our app provides a simple and clear snapshot of your body composition. Straightforward graphs give you a comprehensive look at your proprietary measurement trends to help you see what’s working and what might not be.

Set up is simple & easy!

Step 1: Click “Add”
Step 2: Input basic information
Step 3: Click “Finished”

Goal Friendly

Setting weight goals is now easy and motivational. Our app helps you cultivate the healthy habits you desire.

You won't forget to weigh in!

Like an alarm clock, the YUNMAI APP reminds you to weigh in every day.


Open Wechat,click"+"on the upper right corner Choose"Scan QR Code" ,scan the QR Code below。

YUNMAI App(Android)

Use mobile browser featured with"QRcode scanning",
Scan QR code to get the app,or click"Download"。