Where Luxury & Fitness Meet

Elegant design of our Premium Version
keeps opulence at your feet.

Measure, Analyze, and Improve

Tracks 10 body measurements to help you analyze your body’s health levels.

  • Weight
  • Fat
  • BMI
  • Muscle
  • Visceral Fat
  • Bone mass
  • Water
  • Protein
  • BMR
  • Body age

Elegance Comes In Black & White

Elegance Comes In Black & White

Step In To Your
Health Ecosystem

Set goals, weigh in, and track progress. YUNMAI automatically recognizes who you are after your first weigh in. YUNMAI Health app organizes your stats with graphs that make it easy to follow your health trends.

Curved Bottom Shell

Perfection In Detail

Bluetooth Connectivity

Syncs automatically using Bluetooth 4.0 and no risk of losing data with cloud storage.

Get Everyone Involved - Health Analytics For The Entire Family

Everyone in your home has individual and unique health goals. YUNMAI Smart Scales provides 16 user profiles to personalize your health experience. You can also create a Guest Mode to share your health experience with friends.

Brand New Design

We bet you have never seen a scale so beautiful.
We kept polishing every detail to make YUNMAI
the perfect scale. You will love it as soon as you see it.